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HeartFuse is a Creative Media Network.

They are an assembly of a multi-talented distributed team and are based in Ireland, UK, US & Australia.



HeartFuse is a little company that does a lot. We founded with the express goal of housing many variants of creativity under one roof. This was an attractive goal for many reasons, but at the forefront was our enthusiasm about the ‘cross-pollination‘ effect that is born when different types of creativity intersect and bleed into each other. We believe in the power of multiple businesses flourishing under one name and that’s why we chose this format for our business.



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We advise you to follow these:

When speaking about us in plain text, please observe the dual-word capitalization pattern; HeartFuse.

Use these graphics when mentioning our company or brand in the likes of articles or press.

Please make sure you upload the necessary logo size so that it appears clear and not pixelated at every size.

We advise you not to follow these:

Don't change colours to anything other than #2E2E2E, #F3F3F3 or #BC4646.

Manipulate the logos or imply sponsorship, endorsement or false association with our company.

Do not overlap or blend it over any imagery, The use case must be clearly visible.

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