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Facebook is still undoubtedly the king of Social Media and one of our favourites, click here and click ‘like’ to get all our news, ideas & musings into your newsfeed.

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One of our favourite things is when a happy client refers their friend to us. If you see a fit between what we do & what a friend / family member needs … please refer us!

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If you’re creative, get in touch & let’s make a connection. We’re always keen to add more faces to our professional contacts whether that’s for future collaborations or referrals.

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We have multiple stores that offer multiple products and services, you’d be helping us quite a bit if you were to purchase something from one of our stores.

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Music & Audio is a huge part of our company. Our SC page will always be active as we work with musicians/bands, so be sure to click here to follow us.

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Although we do share our major news on it, Twitter isn’t a mirror network for us – we use it to connect and share bitesized thoughts & inspirations. Click here and ‘follow’ us.

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We love Pinterest and use it to make varying collections of inspiration. If you are one of the many millions also into using it, please follow us on there by clicking here.

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We have huge plans for our video content in 2019 and we’re very excited to officially launch a range of episodes. We’d love you to subscribe to our channel here.

Report Bugs & Issues

There’s no such thing as a perfect website, but we work hard to ensure our website has no obvious errors. If you spot anything that looks or functions oddly, please let us know.

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We have Social Sharing buttons on a lot of the pages on this website & also on a lot of our other sites. Clicking any of these will share that page with your friends.

Write a Testimonial

Feedback is the lifeblood of a digital-based company, so if you are a client and haven’t reviewed our services, please click here and leave an honest review.

Speak About Us

Probably the most simple idea on this list, but even speaking about us [if you like what we do or have done] is an ace way of getting our name and message out there.

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Websites tend to stagnate once the launch honeymoon period has died, but we’re planning to keep all our sites active. Bookmark our site & come back often!

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You’ll be shocked to learn we have an Instagram account, but we do! We post images there that we publish nowhere else & we’d love you to follow us by clicking here.

Anything Else?

This is not an exhaustive list of ways to help us grow, merely suggestions. We’re sure that you will have even better ways to help HeartFuse grow and we’d love to hear your ideas!

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