Heartfuse is an idea company. When you hire us, we instantly make your creative problem our problem. We heavily invest our time & energy into helping you realise your goals. We have great ideas in a range of mediums and we’ll happily bring all of our ideas to the table so that we’re collaborating on something amazing. We’ll never be the type of designers that’ll receive your brief, disappear and then finally re-appear with a completed work that’s creatively locked. We’re always keen to use our experience to guide you in the right direction to enhance the result.



We take ownership of our projects and approach them as if they were our own creative dilemmas. We’ll invest those extra hours for a new feature if we deem it to be necessary – we won’t cut corners in order to complete 100% of the work in 50% of the time. We envisage each project from the owner’s standpoint and eventual user’s standpoint & we give it as much gusto, flair and innovation as we would if were our idea. Taking ownership of our projects allows us to inject creative ideas and use our experience but from the perspective of our clients.



We love what we do and that passion spills into our pricing. We are super affordable across all of our creative services whilst never diluting our quality. Furthermore, we always operate on a 50% upfront / 50% upon completion style contract so our clients feel secure in our collective deal – we get half the fee to start the work, but we only receive the remaining balance when our client is happy with the work – we’ve found this a great [and fair] way to operate our business. For even better value, we offer a wide range of creative packages that you can see here.



As previously mentioned, we really like to keep our clients informed with their project progress. We’ve been clients ourselves and it’s never fun being kept in the dark. That’s why we have a dedicated ‘Client Hub’ from where our clients can keep up to date with the progress of their project and interact with us via a dedicated messaging system that keeps all conversations separate from other communication tools such as email or facebook. We’ve had great success using our client hub and we think you’ll love how in touch with your project you’ll feel.



When it comes to digital, it’s always good to have some form of contract in place when you’re considering spending your hard earned money. Our contract system is incredibly straightforward and our clients can sign these online, in their browser, in a few seconds. We find these valuable as they’ll lay out exactly what we’re going to do, in a rough timeframe and for how much. We tend not to go too deep unless it’s a very complex job. It’s your [and our] peace of mind that we’ve entered into something in a fair and transparent way.



We understand that projects often have to adhere to a strict deadline and we have made allowances for this. Firstly, in your initial message to us [from our ‘Hire’ link above] we ask you if you have a strict deadline you need to adhere to. This allows us to put a system in place to ensure we can meet that date. If it’s not possible to meet this date within standard office hours, we’ll often offer you the chance to hire us for overtime hours or refer you to someone we respect. We’re so committed to our projects we don’t mind ditching a cold one for coding!



Once we finish a project, we’ll almost always offer to send our clients a full download of the work that we created for their safekeeping [unless there are copywritten elements that cannot be shared]. This is to ensure that if disaster ever struck, that an adequate backup would always be available to restore from, whether that’s website files, photoshop documents, graphics, text documents, etc. Furthermore, we store these files ourselves for at least 60 days on the off-chance that disaster strikes and you lose your copy! Talk about safekeeping!



We truly value our clients for choosing to work with us [we know that sounds horribly cliche, but it’s very true]. We try to show this appreciation by offering second-time clients a 10% discount on their next project with us, regardless of the size, scale or type of job. That may not sound like much at all, but a 10% discount on a £1k job is a saving of £100 – not too shabby at all! For extra loyal customers that come back to us time and time again, we’re always willing to create custom deals to sweeten the process even further for those that stick with us.



We’re in this for the long haul. We pride ourselves upon being able to help our clients post-project. This can mean anything from fixing a minor issue within a minute, to creating an hours worth of custom video tutorials. We appreciate those that we work with and we’re always available to give support on our past projects. We offer many small ‘maintenance’ packages for our website clients to ensure their websites are always secure, backed up and working as intended in an ever-changing environment. We’re going to be around for a very long time.

Are you ready to make something awesome?