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Noel Barr hired Five of our companies to assist him through his recent musical releases.

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Audio Production

Achieved via our company ChorusWave

Noel hired ChorusWave to produce the follow up single to ‘Soul on the Road’. This time around we collectively wanted something bigger sounding and more immediate. We also made an agreement to try and push Noel’s voice up another notch. We co-wrote, rearranged and laid the basic track down in a 6-hour session. This was followed up with a handful of much shorter sessions to complete vocals, backing vocals and additional instrumentation. Our jobs included; Co-writing music, melodies and lyrics / Musical performances / Mixing & Mastering.

Music Video

Achieved via our company SuiteFilms ↗

No new music release is complete without a complimentary music video. We had many brainstorm sessions with Noel that revolved around delving deeper into the meaning behind the lyrics. We knew that we wanted to have a theme that was showcased in the choruses [that became the smoke bomb angle] and we knew we wanted to focus on separate people going about their own lives. It was important that each had a disparate reality to widen the scope of the ‘average human on an average day’ angle that we were going for.

Website Hosting

Achieved via our company SugarWires ↗

Noel had purchased his domain in 2019 but never put it to use. We connected this idle domain to one of our SugarWires packages and had him up and running with a server within 30 minutes. With this new server came new possibilities, so we started to discuss ideas for his eventual website right away [this is detailed a little more below.]

Website Design

Achieved via our company GlitterSignal ↗

One-page websites tend to work really well for bands/musicians, because they rarely have any element that requires going into major depth about. A one-pager can give an excellent snapshot into the artist and that’s what we settled on for Noels debut website. It was designed in WordPress to allow us the possibility to add to it as Noel grows and starts to require new elements added.

Music Release

Achieved via our company Sound of Lungs ↗

Whilst our label isn’t a service that anyone can purchase ad-hoc [save for some limited one-off services], we decided to release this track [and upcoming EP] by Noel. We’ve started the process of taking Noel under our wing to help him navigation the early stages of his original music career.