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Welcome to the New HeartFuse

When I launched HeartFuse as a proper business [as opposed to merely using the word as a catch-all for my creative endeavours] I knew I wanted it to be a creative umbrella – a company that is adept in many different creative disciplines. I knew I wanted to start one company with many divisions, as opposed to starting numerous standalone companies.

Whilst the plan itself has never budged, the methodology I’m employing in order to achieve these goals, has. I don’t intend on this post being technical, so let’s jump straight into the nuts and bolts of what has changed and perhaps more importantly, why they’ve changed ….

So what has changed for 2019?

In a nutshell, we’ve given all our services their own name and identity. Previously, all of our services started with our company name followed by a word to reflect the service itself [For example, ‘HeartFuse Design‘ & ‘HeartFuse Apparel‘] whereas now they all have their own chance to shine as standalone companies. It’s important to note that whilst these companies look and act like standalone companies, they are very much departments of HeartFuse [so they don’t contradict the above paragraph]. Whilst this might sound like a basic change, it’s a massive one for us.

We’re only launching this website with a handful of rebranded companies, these are below.

HeartFuse Design is now
HeartFuse Audio is now
There is a brand new service called
There is a brand new service called

All of our previous services have been renamed and had a website facelift, we’ll be announcing these one-by-one in good time – we’re in no rush. In addition, we have a handful of brand new services beyond the ones mentioned above that we’re really excited about. It’s a really exciting chapter in the HeartFuse story and we cannot wait to jump right in at the deep end!

“Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence”

Colin Powell

Why was change this important?

There are so many reasons for taking the time out to make this change. Here are just a few;

When services are either or – this means that every website has to be on the same server as the primary domain, which causes many issues. Although servers are becoming more affordable and robust, it’s still not ideal to host 30+ websites across a single domain due to often the traffic resources will max out and render everything offline.

Additionally, our different websites and code stacks needed different server requirements. One website might strictly require PHP version 7.2 whilst an older code snippet might not work with anything newer than PHP 7.0 – you can see how this instantly causes an issue for us. In the past, it’s often been a case of choosing a happy medium; which isn’t good enough for us anymore. We want each idea/service to have every resource it needs, no barriers and no settling.

Finally,  we struggled to find a clear a concise way to approach our social channels. It didn’t seem right to have one unified HeartFuse feed [because if you followed us for our teeshirt designs, you’re unlikely to want to read our audio production posts, right?]. In addition, we felt like starting social channels for every service prefixed with ‘HeartFuse’ would just blur every message.

There are probably 100 more reasons for the change, all of which made us want to put in the work to make this changeover. It was more than needed.

Everything is still completely connected.

As mentioned, I’m super fond of connectivity. I always dreamt of starting ONE company that grew and grew. However, that goal wasn’t really achievable due to my adoration of multiple creative fields and desire to work within then. The structure I’ve created for HeartFuse is my dream life.

From a sheer optimisation standpoint, having one core [HeartFuse] for a multitude of companies is fantastic. For example, we have now have a single client hub that we use to process the invoicing/projects for all our jobs. Likewise, all our email addresses are which allows us to focus on the deliverability and security of one main email architecture and not multiple.

Logo + Font Redesign

I’ve always adored when bands change their graphic style / font / colours as they shift from era to era. It signifies a new line of thinking, new people and new aesthetic persuasions. I bring that love into my own HeartFuse world. We’ve had the same font/logo from the start and now is probably the most appropriate time to change things up as we’ve made huge alterations in the company as outlined above.

In regards to our typeface, I’ve always wanted a bit bolder/wider and this is absolutely perfect. You’ll notice that we keep the same typeface for all our companies – this is intentional and follows my desire to keep things as connected as much as possible.

In regards to the logo, I’ve always loved the idea of the heart in place of the filament of the bulb and I’ll never change this, ever. However, I did want it to be a little flatter and plainer to follow the current aesthetics that are popular.

Future, Conclusion + Thanks.

I’m so excited about the future of my company. My heart is 100% in everything we’re doing. I love all the clients I’ve been fortunate enough to have worked alongside and appreciate the relationships I’ve built over the years. We’re really only getting started ….