Where are the advertisements visible?

In order to increase visibility for our advertisers, we only have two available ad slots across our entire website. The first of these is on the sidebar of each and every listing – which allows for massive visibility across all niches. The second of these is at the bottle of our ‘Featured Listings’ page. At this time we have no plans to implement further digital billboards across the website.

How much and for how long?

Our two advertisement placements have different prices. Our AD slot on the sidebar of each and every listing sitewide runs at £49.99 for seven days. Our AD slot at the bottom of our ‘Featured Listings’ page runs at £24.99 for seven days.

Are there size limitations?

Yes. The sidebar advertisement has to conform to 300x250px whilst the ‘Featured Listings’ page ad has to conform to 970x250px.

How do i order an advertisement?

It’s simple.  Click here and choose between advertisement locations and follow the usual checking out procedure. We’ll contact you using the email address you use to figure out the advertisement plan, so please ensure you use an address that you use frequently.

What type of advertisements do you accept?

We’re pretty lenient when it comes to advertisements so long as the content isn’t hateful, sexist, racist, pornographic, etc – let common sense prevail on this one. You can even place an advertisement that simply links back to your listing on this very website!