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Why should i pay to get listed?

In a lot of cases, you’ll only need one listing [whether that’s for yourself or your business] and the completely free option won’t expire for six-months. After that period is up, you’ll have to purchase a basic subscription for the same listing to remain on the website and won’t be able to re-sign up for another free period for the same listing. Our prices are incredibly low for the amount of work we’re putting in.

One-off or Subscription?

We want to keep things as simple as possible, that’s why we’ve opted to work on a one-off payment system rather than rely on recurring payments – it just makes it easier and cheaper for the both of us. If you need more than one listing that lasts longer than six months, then simply choose between two or five listings [contact us if you need more than this], pay your one-time fee and you’re all set.

Can i cancel at anytime?

Technically, you can contact us to cancel your account at any time, however, given the one-time payment system we’ve chosen to adopt, you won’t be eligible to receive either a full or partial refund if you do request a cancellation, you will however be able to effectively remove all of the listings that are associated with your account – in an all-or-nothing kind of cancellation.

Do you provide support?

We do provide basic support for our listers. We won’t leave any lister in the dark, but it’s important we quantify our support levels. During our beta-testing phase, we had some listers ask us for help with their image sizes, their company biographies and more – it’s important to note that we cannot help with things like this. Most of you will have absolutely no problem managing your own listings.

What are ‘Featured Listings’?

Featured listings are a great way of getting a lot more traffic to your listing and standing out from the crowd. You will not only show up on our dedicated ‘featured’ page on the main navigation bar, but let’s say you’re a venue,  you’ll show up at the top of the entire ‘venue’ category, so you’ll be reaching all of those people who are targeting your niche.

Can i purchase Featured Listings?

Yes! Although we include one free featured listing [that lasts for five days] with our top listing package, they are available completely independently from any of our packages on a per-listing basis. They can be purchased for one day [£1], two days [£1.75], three days [£2.50], four days [£3.25] and five days [£4]. Please contact us if you are interested in featuring one or some of your listings.