HeartFuse ‘Monday’ Flavoured Coffee

It’s common for me to have two or there venti-sized coffees each day of the week except for sunday, but today has been one of those days in which i’ve had to close about 5 projects with a little bit of work here and a little bit of work there, so … i’ve loaded up on five coffees already and it’s only about to hit 1:30pm. I know this is really bad for me, but i’m on a sugar-high and oblivious to common sense.

Anyways, like most people, i’ve dreamt of having my own coffeeshop [HeartFuse Coffee – what else??] and as i had a video rendering for a client in Adobe Premiere Pro, i decided to play around with this little fictitious mockup of a coffeeup in Adobe Photoshop. I only did a quick google search, but couldn’t find anyone with a coffee called ‘Monday’ – what’s up with that? It’d be the first item on my menu!

Have a fantastically creative week y’all!