Design is our creative digital wing. We create websites, graphics, print, brochures & more. We have a modern approach to design & an intense focus on our projects.

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Melody is our team of skilled songwriters that are available to hire for writing / co-writing sessions. Our team comprises writers across many musical genres.

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Apparel is our foray into the world of physical goods. Over the years we’ve had hundreds of design ideas and we’ve finally decided to put these into practice.

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Audio is our digital audio wing. We currently offer e-recording, mixing & mastering services, restoration, session performances, co-writing & more.

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Spotlight is our platform to share the content we stumble across and love on the web. There’s no restrictions. If it’s awesome, we’ll feature it!

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Books is our online bookstore that caters for both physical and digital markets. We also help authors with proofing, edits, custom fonts, artwork & more!

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