Design is our creative digital wing. We create websites, graphics, print, brochures & more. We have a modern approach to design and an intense focus on all our projects. We don’t focus on quantity but only on the quality – this is why we collaborate on a project at a time until completion.

Spotlight is a simple platform in which we highlight amazing content on a frequent basis that could be within any creative field such as audio, video, graphic, web, service, software, product, subscription, etc – if we find it amazing and we think you’ll get value from it too, we’ll share it.

Market is a platform for inventive creatives to sell their services and/or products direct to the user. Think of it as an upmarket Fiverr. We work with awesomely talented folks to help showcase their unique and creative services and offerings and we’re always adding new talent every week.

Books is our online bookstore that caters for both physical and digital markets. All of the releases contained within our shop are completely exclusive to us and only available via our website. All of our releases have an accompanying audiobook  that is read by the author themselves.

Photography is where we capture those awesome moments in life through a lens. We document events, gig, weddings and more. We offer prints of our best work and we’re available for private hire. We represent a range of photographers with an even larger range of flair, style and execution.

Audio is our company studio and full production house. We have a modern studio based in the centre of Derry, Northern Ireland. Alongside recording, we also offer mixing services, mastering services, restoration, remixes, session performances, co-writing and much more.